Mangos teen Fruit

Mangos teen is a fruit plant a tree from a shady tropical forests in Southeast Asia, namely Malaysia or Indonesia jungle. From Southeast Asia, the plant is spread to Central America and other tropical regions such as Sri Lanka, Malagasy, Caribbean, Hawaii and Northern Australia. In Indonesia, the mangos teen is called by various names such as manggu local (West Java), Manggus (Lampung), Manggusto (North Sulawesi), Manggista (West Sumatra).

Mangos teen fruit can be presented in the form of fresh, as canned fruit, made syrup / juice. Traditionally mangos teen is a cure ulcers, hemorrhoids and wounds. The rind is used as dyes for textiles including water boiled and used as traditional medicine. The trunk is used as a building material, firewood / crafts.

There are three clones’ mangos teen, namely:

Groups: leaf length> 20 cm width of> 10 cm; rind thickness> 9 mm; diameter pieces> 6.5 cm fruit weight> 140 grams; fruit bunches per 1 point.Groups are: leaf length 17-20 cm width 8.5 to 10 cm thick rind of 6-9 mm, diameter 5.5 to 6.5 cm in fruit; fruit weight 70-140 grams; fruit per cluster 1-2 grains.
Small groups: leaf length <17 cm width <8.5 cm rind thickness <6 mm; fruit diameter <5.5 cm fruit weight <70 grams; fruit per cluster> 2 grains. Clones developed are MBS1, MBS2, MBS3, MBS4, MBS5, MBS6 and MBS 7.

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