Duku fruit

Duku Fruit (Lansium domesticum Corr) is a tree fruit crop from Indonesia. Now the population of fruit duku already widespread throughout the archipelago. In addition there is mention duku fruit comes from Southeast Asia West, the Gulf of Thailand in the west to Borneo in the east. Duku fruits still found growing wild or become wild again in the region and are one of the major fruit cultivation.
Duku fruit types are widely grown in Indonesia is a superior kind of fruit such as fruit duku Komering, fruit duku Condet and fruit duku metesih.

The main benefit duku plants as food fresh fruit or other processed foods. Another useful section is a light brown wood hard and durable, used for house poles, furniture handles and so on. Fruit peel and seeds can also be used as an anti-diarrhea medication and drugs to cure fever. While bark that tastes sepet used to treat dysentery, while the bark powder is used to cure scorpion bites.

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