The use of alternative medicine is increasingly popular. From the Data obtained that in America, many people are using more alternative treatment than the present to the public.

Here's the percentage of countries Whose population use alternative medicine:
1. European countries use varies: Denmark around 23% and France 49%.
2. Taiwan about 90%, the conventional treatment systems combined with traditional Chinese medicine.
3. Australia is about 48.5%, the population use alternative therapies (2).
Types of diseases treated with alternative therapies, such as cancer varies
between 9% to 45% and neurological diseases varies between 9 to 56%

Based on studies in the Chinese alternative medicine Showed that 64% of Patients with advanced cancer using alternative therapies and research Kessler et al Showed that 9 of 10 Patients Suffering from anxiety and depression 6 of 10 Patients visiting psychiatrists and alternative medicine while doctors INVOLVED in the treatment alternatives increases. In the UK there are approximately about 40% of doctors holding alternative medicine services
From some of the above the data shows a considerable tendency to use alternative medicine, conventional medicine and alternative medicine can not ignore it, Because conventional medicine is very
Depending on the technology is still fairly expensive to solve health problems,
even though sometimes also it is not so effective. In the enthusiasm for technology, return on a holistic approach and simple methods like diet and relaxation methods are conducted on alternative treatments Often also effective. Research also
suggests that a holistic approach and consultation with the healer makes a patient can control the disease.

Some of the broad-minded, it's doubtful that medical services will also focus on growing niche to only Regionalization, prescribing medications, and surgical instrumentation without regard to intrinsic factors, aspects of human patients.

How effective are the benefits of alternative medicine, the role of physicians and
institutions play an active medical science to investigate and respond to the presence of alternative medicine. Alternative medicine is a form of treatment that uses a method of service, equipment, or materials not included in the standard treatment in modern medicine and is used as an alternative or complement to the modern medical treatment.

Mechanisms of alternative medicine is still in early stages of the debate as,
Charthy, Natural therapies Mentioned in some kind of alternative medicine, namely: acupressure, acupuncture, Alexander technique, gynecology, aromatherapy, antigenic therapy, chiropractic, color therapy, homeopathy, osteopathy, hypnotherapy, Radiology, naturopathy, nutritional therapy, polarity therapy, psychotherapy , reflexology, massage, Chinese medicine. While
The encyclopedia of alternative medicine, the type of treatment is divided
in three major groups, namely:

1. Energy therapies include: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Do-in, Shaolin,
Qigong, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Yoga, Meditation, polarity therapy, Reflexology,
Metamorphic technique, Reiki, Bowen method, Ayurveda, Therapeutic Ride
2. Physical Therapy include: Massage, Aromatherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic,
Kinesiology, Rolfing, Hellework, Feldenkrais Method, Alexander Technique, Trager
work, Zero balancing, relaxation techniques, Hydrotherapy, Flotation therapy, Methods
3. Mind and spiritual therapies include: psychotherapy, psychoanalytic therapy
cognitive, humanistic therapy, family therapy, group therapy, autogenic therapy,
Biofeedback, Visualization, Hypnotherapy, Dreamwork, Dance movement therapy,
Music therapy, sound therapy, art therapy, light therapy, Biorhythms, color therapy.
In the health care system in the UK, this type of alternative medicine
divided into three major groups. The first group was: group
most organized and orderly, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, medicine
with herbs, homeopathy, osteopathy. Alternative treatments are included in the
This group has a research base. The second group were: Group
alternative treatments that require further research, but it is
used as a supplement in the health care system, such as:
hypnotherapy and aromatherapy. The third group are: the treatment group
alternative that the data does not have any at all, such as therapy with
crystal and pendulum.

Some of the leading advocates of alternative medicine reject the notion
the effectiveness of alternative treatment need or can
validation with research conducted randomly and controlled.
Considering that many alternative medical Interventions are not
deliver drugs or perform surgery, such as traditional Chinese medicine
, Ayurvedic treatments, therapies based on the lift arm
vitalistik view of health and disease. This type of therapy believe
the presence of vital energy or qi, prana, spiritual strength. Another problem
is a double-blind study, for example, the acupuncture is very difficult Because
method of 'blinding' the needle does not.effectiveness of alternative medicine is influenced by many factors that can not be specified, calculated, and controlled by the method of double-blind studies.

Several studies have been done on acupuncture, medicinal plants, and
chiropractic, but sometimes the Conclusions can not be drawn Because of the
flaws in the study design. Another difficulty faced by Researchers
in Evaluating the effectiveness of an alternative medicine is high
heterogeneity of methods used to treat the same symptoms.
Research Kalauokalani et al against seven acupuncture practitioners in
treating lower back pain, Showed large variations
the number of points used between 5-14 points and the number of needles
used between 7 and 26 needles are used and common point
only at 4 points (14%). The high heterogeneity raises
challenge for Researchers in the drafting of the research and how
nya.Beyerstein interpret , said when someone is cured of the disease by
using an alternative method can not be said roomates methods
is really effective. Some of the factors that lead to a treatment
Be ineffective as effective are:

1. The disease has a natural way to heal itself.
2. The disease has a cycle of remission - exacerbation, such as multiple sclerosis,
asthma, allergies, and migraine. It is not possible at the time the patient comes
disease will improve.
3. Placebo effect. The healer Often makes the disease as
can be encountered. and alternative healers are Usually more enthusiastic and
charismatic. It makes the experience more healing to the factors
psychological. For example: In Patients with Chronic Pain Often pain
reduced psychological approach without touching the pathological factors
the underlying.
4. The presence of somatization and fear of loss of feeling 'healthy'. Many
Patients with somatization went to the doctor and have conducted various
examination did not reveal any abnormalities. The patient finally comes
to alternative healers 'always' find something to treat and if
happen 'healing' the more confidence arises.
From the Anthropological aspect angle, modern outlook and treatment effectiveness
traditional alternatives are not actually using the same terminology.
Biomedical understanding of the West can not be the same as understanding etnomedis
on the efficacy and there is a view in the West that the outside
Western-based medical system is definitely irrational Because biomedical sciences
based on magic rather than empirical observation. Thus, in
Determine the effectiveness of alternative medicine - traditional need to hold a
multidimensional approach.

Benefits of alternative medicine based on responses doctor
and patient users:

1. Research meta-analysis of response to your doctor about treatment
alternatives shows that from 12 different studies, doctor
give a positive answer to the existence of alternative medicine,
especially against acupuncture, osteopathy, homeopathy, and chiropractic. In 5
This study asked them about Whether or not
alternative medicine. Responses doctors who answered that
This alternative treatment ranged from 54% to 86%. Can
say here that most physicians agree that treatment
useful alternative to the cure of diseases.
 2. Research Verhoef
et al, in Patients with brain tumors use alternative medicine
Showed two-thirds stated that such treatment
useful. In general, Patients say that the 'energy'
Increased and feel physically and Mentally Healthier. In one third of Patients
have high hopes that alternative medicine is capable of
Eliminate and shrink tumors.
3. Research Ernaldi bahar et al, to mental health disorders in children and adolescents in Palembang Showed that parents of Patients believe that traditional medicine more competent and capable of treating the mental health of children.
4. Kessler et al study, in Patients Suffering from anxiety and depression
Data obtained that the majority of Patients stated treatment
as useful alternatives to conventional treatment.
5. In a panel discussion National Institutes of Health (NIH), which was attended by 23 experts in medicinen behavior, pain management, psychiatry, neurosciences and psychology
found strong evidence that the use of a variety of relaxation techniques and therapies
behavior can reduce pain and insomnia due to various problems
disease conditions. The NIH panel also draws Conclusions Discussion've
that acupuncture is effective in reducing tooth pain, nausea, vomiting, pain
head and lower back pain.

If alternative medicine is not supported with scientific basis, why
many people, highly educated Including therapy

1. From the patient's perspective is not an important thing about the basic
scientific. Users of alternative medicine is Usually also have tried
Conventional treatments do not cure the illness. It is
making them assess that value is not statistically significant. Often
Also the users of alternative medicine is to hear success
Alternative healing from strangers, family and friends
who may have experienced healing with Similar disease
through alternative medicine.
2. Modern medicine is Becoming synonymous with high cost unpersonal and medicine are only affordable by a small group of people and modern medicine has not been Able to
conclusively deal with problems like degenerative disease problems
aging, cancer, diabetes, hypertension. This results in reduced
public confidence and interest in the search for help. Moreover,
beside there is a promising alternative health care.
3. Alternative treatment methods still used by most
community, not only Because of lack of health care facilities
Formal affordable by the community, but more due to the factors
social culture of the community. He meets the expectations and needs of the community served.
4. The existence of multiple stereotypes in society, such as: - alternative medicine - holistic, traditional and modern medicine just look at the disease course and the dichotomy
disease into two types, the disease can be cured by
physician and the disease can only be cured by traditional healers.
5. The existence of some common benefits of alternative medicine - Traditional
both psychologically and socially are not affected by the presence of
modern medicine, namely: reducing stress and anxiety due to
the uncertainty of the disease, low cost and fun, strengthening
and direct involvement of Patients in the treatment of the disease, the function
control when there is a deviation, reducing the trauma of cultural change
and promote cultural identity.

The role of medical schools and medical practitioners in addressing
presence alternatif.In the treatment addressing the existence of alternative medicine, it is important to establish a medical faculty new educational program for
medical students and to support and enhance the research
about treatment alternatives that later Became the basis for the evaluation
safety and rational use. Keep in mind it is impossible
to demand the effectiveness of an alternative medicine based on research
experimental when there is absolutely no support to the financial support
direction. Happens to the effectiveness of a treatment alternative more
based on a case by case reports and reports from users and
doctors who have seen and experienced the effectiveness of
alternative medicine.

Medical students need to be informed about the basic concepts, effectiveness,
and security of any alternative treatments. This educational material
should be included in the medical school curriculum and training
sustainable. Without additional education about treatment
Alternatively, the medical students will not be Able to function as a doctor
were Able to receive information about treatment alternatives
performed by the patient and can not provide information and guidance
accurate for patients. The medical practitioner must be sensitive
for Patients on alternative treatment is mainly for Patients
with Chronic Illnesses and difficult to cure such as: cancer, pain
chronic and degenerative neurological diseases. Medical practitioners should
Determine also the use of alternative therapies to Patients, given
The possibility of a reaction to a drug-drug interactions. In contrast to science
scientific and technological medicine with an analytical approach,
alternative medicine - traditional (developed from the tradition of a particular society
is more scientific and magico-mystical with a holistic approach.
A holistic approach to meet the needs of traditional medicine
and expectations can be applied in medicine without having
loss of identity and the nature of the discipline. .
Traditional medicine has been an integral part of the social environment
culture and there are values that should be preserved and enhanced the
can provide a positive contribution to health improvement.

Fundamental difference of alternative medical treatments
more conventional to no research base. However, the limited number of sources have been increasing, because of his knowledge medicine must respond. Like a hidden treasure, everything should not be ignored even though at first not scientific.
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