Danger of Smoking in the Pregnant

Danger of Smoking in the Pregnant

Smoking during pregnancy was very dangerous. If a mother smokes while pregnant can damage the fetus conceived. Smoking will cause a huge loss for a woman who is pregnant.

At the time the mother is pregnant, there is a change in the physical or biological nature on her body. This change makes the condition of a mother to be very sensitive to toxins and other harmful substances it. And cigarette smoke that could contain more than 700 chemicals that are toxic hazard areas.

A pregnant woman who smokes can instantly poison a fetus in her uterus, though still in the womb. From the results of this study point out that pregnant women who smoke, then the baby are toxic substances such as nicotine and cotinine which is the result of nicotine metabolism.

The most dangerous is the arrangement of the umbilical cord in pregnant women who smoke experience changes. While this is through the umbilical cord, fetus or fetus receives all the necessary things from the mother in order to stay alive.

A variety of harmful substances such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke enters the mother's bloodstream. The mother of his channel directly on the fetus in her uterus

Impact on Baby

What are the implications for the fetus or the baby? Following the adverse effects of smoking on the development of a baby during pregnancy if a woman is pregnant with cigarette smoking.

The gestation period is 2-3 weeks

His usual pitch worst affected are the central nervous system of the fetus.

The gestation period is 4-5 weeks

All are related to the heart and blood vessels exposed to toxins from toxic substances in cigarettes. At this time the cardiovascular system begin to form.

During labor

More likely to spontaneously premature, it gave birth to a dead baby, and newborn mortality. And also the risk of sudden infant death syndrome triples for babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy.

After give birth

Her other adverse effects are possible Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). The survey shows from sudden infant death case turns largely occurs in the home environment with a father or mother who smoked.

By knowing the dangers of smoking to a pregnant woman or post pregnancy, it is important for a mother to immediately stop the bad habit of smoking. Cigarette smoke is much more dangerous for the baby than the mother.

In addition, all pregnant women should be careful of other people's smoke. If your home there are family members who smoke, and some are pregnant, trying to stop smoking for the sake of the baby. Do not put your baby's life just because of a cigarette
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